About She Stole My Style

The idea and inspiration for this blog came when I was working as political aide in the British Columbia Legislature. It wasn’t uncommon for a female political staff member or politician to wear something identical or similar in style to another woman. One day a very high profile female member of the government saw another woman wearing a pair of very similar shoes and exclaimed, “That’s the [woman] that stole my style!” I knew that I had found the perfect inspiration for my blog name.

Some women are very territorial over what they perceive to be their style. They don’t share where they purchased something and certainly don’t like it when you buy it for yourself. I think this is silly. If you look and feel amazing in something, why wouldn’t you want another woman to have that same feeling? I love it when I am asked where I got something because it is first of all a compliment and because I love sharing which is exactly what I do on She Stole My Style.

I am so thankful to every single reader of She Stole My Style.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!

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