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Esquido Eyelashes on She Stole My Style

Last month I received an invite from the eyelash company Esqido to attend an event at the Holt Renfrew in Vancouver. I unfortunately wasn’t going to be in Vancouver at the time so I couldn’t go… But they offered to send me a pair of eyelashes to try out! 

The eyelashes arrived and besides admiring their gorgeous packaging, I let them languish on a try on my desk until last night. I have been supportive of a Calgary initiative called Ask Her for several months by developing its website through my new company, Tall Poppies PR. Ask Her is quite literal in its mandate – it is about asking women to run in Calgary’s 2017 municipal election. There are currently only two women serving on Calgary Council representing and I believe that needs to change. Better decisions are made when the people making the decisions are representative of the communities they represent.  Last night was Ask Her’s first fundraising event called Fund Her and when I was thinking about what to wear last night I realized that I could also wear the eyelashes! 

Esquido Eyelashes on She Stole My Style

I took pretty photos before I started putting them on!


It has been a really long time since I last applied eyelashes myself. So long that I can’t even remember when. I was a little nervous about successfully applying them… My first learning opportunity came when I tried to apply the glue. I had thrown out the box the eyelash glue came in (I didn’t use the Esqido glue, I had Duo glue that I had bought at Sephora) so I didn’t know that shaking it was necessary. (I guess I was thinking it was like Crazy Glue?) After I figured that out, I made my first attempt on the first eye. I got it on my eye but not in the right place so I decided to apply my rule I use when my eyeliner isn’t going well – just try the other eye and come back to the one causing trouble after. I applied more glue (I used a lot of glue!) and managed to get it on perfectly. That left the trouble eye. More trouble followed. A lot of glue was used. Fingers, Q-Tips and tweezers were used. I honestly don’t even know how long it took me but I managed to get the second eyelash on. I had been using a small mirror on my desk to apply the lashes so my perspective might have been a little skewed because when I looked in the larger mirror and saw that my application wasn’t 100% accurate.

Eyelash Adventures on She Stole My Style

I’m not so sure about my eyelash application here.


NAKED and Laura Mercier eyeshadow palettes

I used the NAKED and Laura Mercier palettes on my eyes. I used MAC’s black paint pot as a liner.

I started texting my friend about my unsure application worried that I was going to show up and everyone would be like “Did you see Sarah’s terrible eyelash application? I can’t believe she left the house like that!” I decided that even if my application was off that I would rock them anyway. And guess what? My friend, the one I texted before, didn’t think that I did a bad job at all. SUCCESS! I snapped a few selfies after I got home in the not-so-great bathroom light to prove that my liberal glue application successfully held the lashes in place and that they still looked lovely. 

One eye closeup

Boom! You really don’t need to do much when you have a statement eye.


The eyelashes survived my application and an event!

I and my eyelashes survived my application and the night.

I think that with practice my application abilities will improve greatly. I think that the quality of the lashes had a lot to do with my success – the band of these lashes was soft and pliable. The lashes amplified my otherwise simple and business-like outfit – a black Kate Spade dress that I’ve had for a couple of years and an aubergine crepe blazer from the Canadian label Tobias that I bought at Plum. I paired it with black tights and super low black Nine West heels. I think the eyelashes were really fun to wear and I will totally wear them again.

You can find Esqido eyelashes online and at Holt Renfrew. 

Full disclosure: I was offered the eyelashes to try but was not compensated in any other way for this post. I was not told what or what not to say – I truly liked the eyelashes and love to share experiences and products I really like on She Stole My Style.

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