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I’m Having a Baby!

So it’s been awhile! A lot has happened since I last posted and I really needed some time to wrap my mind around it. That process is still going on but I’m making my way through it. What’s the it? I’m pregnant! I feel like having a baby is a bit of an identity change or at least for me it is. I will still be myself but I won’t be myself. Does that make sense? And how that impacts…

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Steal My Style

Boxing Day Outfit Inspiration

Merry almost Christmas! Christmas Eve is only two days away. I am wrapping presents today! I am one of those crazy people who actually likes wrapping. The smell of the paper and the tape and the precise folding are…

Steal My Style

How to Wear an Animal Print Jacket

When Sarah Beau Photography and I were taking these shots I jokingly said that the brush made me feel like I was an animal in the jungle. This sleeveless animal print jacket is perhaps the most animal print I…