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Basic Black Shoes Are a Must Have


William just went down for his morning nap which means I have an unknown amount of time to write this post. His naps are unpredictable… Yesterday he slept for an hour and a half in the morning but on Monday he slept for only 30 minutes. But that’s not what this post is about! This is about an apology and shoes. Over a year ago I was contacted about receiving a pair of Rockport shoes for a blog post. Very…

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Go-To Skincare Products
Hair & Makeup Skincare

My Favourite Skincare Products

We all try a lot of skincare products hoping that something we try will hopefully work as its marketed and we will live happily ever after into old (and middle) age with young, firm, even and clear skin. But…

Hart Tassel Earrings She Stole My Style
Fashion Steal My Style

I Heart Hart Earrings

Last week or the week before (it’s hard to keep of weeks now with the sleep deprivation) I was on Twitter and saw a post about a Christmas gift giving guide from an American magazine or newspaper and clicked.…

Adjusting to Motherhood She Stole My Style
Life William

Adjusting to Motherhood

Three months ago I knew William was coming but I didn’t know that he would arrive three weeks early. I (we) were totally prepared for his arrival. Physically prepared that is. Being mentally prepared for motherhood is something else.…