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Sarah Elder-Chamanara

  • Rockport-shoes-she-stole-my-style

    Basic. Black. Shoes.

    William just went down for his morning nap which means I have an unknown amount of time to write this post. His naps are unpredictable… Yesterday he slept for an hour…

  • Go-To Skincare Products

    My Favourite Skincare Products

    We all try a lot of skincare products hoping that something we try will hopefully work as its marketed and we will live happily ever after into old (and middle) age…

  • Hart Tassel Earrings She Stole My Style

    I Heart Hart Earrings

    Last week or the week before (it’s hard to keep of weeks now with the sleep deprivation) I was on Twitter and saw a post about a Christmas gift giving guide…

  • Adjusting to Motherhood She Stole My Style

    Adjusting to Motherhood

    Three months ago I knew William was coming but I didn’t know that he would arrive three weeks early. I (we) were totally prepared for his arrival. Physically prepared that is.…