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Breeze: A Vancouver-Created Style Marketplace App That You Have to Download

While wandering on Twitter last week I saw a post that roused my curiosity. It was about the launch of a new Vancouver-created fashion and home marketplace app called Breeze – a super cool Craigslist to get rid of the Louboutin’s you never wear or to buy the adorable Rebecca Minkoff clutch that you didn’t want to pay retail.

I immediately signed up because, of course. I started looking to see what was available and discovered a HUGE variety of stuff listed. Everything from a Celine Tricolour Trapeze Bag, to a Fries Before Guys sweatshirt (a personal favourite) to a Land Rover. So what if I wanted to snap these three items up?

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

A Celine Tri-Colour Trapeze with tags attached. Yours for $2000. It’s a bargain when you consider the regular retail price is about $3000.

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

This sweatshirt from BITNB Clothing totally speaks to me but not for the $75 asking price. That’s a lot of fries.

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

A 2008 Land Rover LR3 for sale. It could be yours for $18,500.

Here comes the downside… Because the app is literally brand new and created in Vancouver, all of the items are no where near me. I am in Calgary and all of the postings (as I write this) are located almost one thousand kilometres away. In Vancouver.

So. If you are reading this and live in Calgary, please go to the App store, hand over your pretty little fingerprint and download the app so that I can do more looking and maybe some buying close to home.

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