Burnt Orange for Fall (& Snow)

She Stole My Style Fall Jacket

Sarah Beau Photography

This post has been a loooong time coming. Why? Because it marks a monumental shift in the kind of content on She Stole My Style. The woman behind the photos is Sarah Beau Photography. (Yup, we have the same first name!) Sarah and I met last month when I contacted her for a shoot for my new business, Tall Poppies PR. I loved working with her and the photos that she took so I approached her about also taking pictures for She Stole My Style. Our first shoot was yesterday in Calgary’s East Village where you can see fall attempting to outlast the accumulating snow. Sarah and I will be getting together a few times every month for more posts just like this! I have wanted to do this for a really, really long time but it just didn’t come together until now. And guess what? I am actually happy that I waited and that it didn’t work out until now because I have found the right person in Sarah to work with. It’s a major awwwww moment for sure!

In case you’re wondering what that white stuff in the pictures is, it’s snow. You might not ever see it where you live or maybe you see it later in the year. We *might* see it for a day or two in Calgary before Halloween but it doesn’t usually stay. Unlike the last three days where it has snowed every day and has stuck around. I’ve heard people say that the Farmer’s Almanac reports a brutal winter this year and I tend to believe it. Calgary has a more mild winter climate than some other Canadian cities and most days are -10 to -20. Lighter coats can still work as long as you are layered, have a hat and the right pair of shoes.


She Stole My Style Fall Jacket

It’s so easy to wear all black in the winter and I really fight the urge to do this. This burnt orange Wool-Blend Boucle Twist Coat from the British brand Windsmoor from Hudson’s Bay is the perfect antidote – it’s bright, stylish and practical for days like yesterday and even colder ones. (It was only about -1 and snowing lightly…) And it was an extra 15% off this weekend! 


She Stole My Style Fall Jacket

I paired the coat with jeans, a short sleeve black peplum top and my trusty Poppy Barley Two Point Five Ankle Boots that I bought last fall. The black leather purse doubles as a clutch when you remove the strap. I bought the purse last year at Danier, a Canadian store that has sadly since gone out of business. My accessories are from all different places and have been purchased over the last year.


She Stole My Style Fall Jacket

Jeans: Gap | Blouse: Banana Republic (no longer available online – here is a similar one here that’s on sale) | Purse: Danier (here is an alternate version that is much more expensive) | Toque: Hudson’s Bay (here is a similar one) | Boots: Poppy Barley | Necklace: Gorjana (similar – larger than mine) | Earrings: Aldo (different than mine but a good deal and blingy)


She Stole My Style Fall Jacket

My only criticism with the coat is a common one I have with a lot of clothes – because I have a small waist and bigger bottom my clothes often need to be altered (taken in on top). I don’t mind the jacket being bigger on top in this case because it leaves even more room for layers.


I really hope that you liked this post because it will be in regular rotation almost ever week! Each post will feature outfits and the details on where and how to steal my style and make it your own! 


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