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Adjusting to Motherhood

Adjusting to Motherhood She Stole My Style

Three months ago I knew William was coming but I didn’t know that he would arrive three weeks early. I (we) were totally prepared for his arrival. Physically prepared that is. Being mentally prepared for motherhood is something else. I knew that he had to come out at some point but it felt that as he due date approached that as much as I wanted him out so that I could finally meet him, I wasn’t sure if I was…

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The Life & Style Briefing Note

The Life & Style Briefing Note 12.13.16

You NEED this Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette in your life. Trust me. I can’t stop using it. Maybe I’m crazy but I think there are more women that would enjoy this curated what to read/watch/listen to list.…

Life Steal My Style

Style Cheat Sheet | 10.17.16

It has been a pretty good while since the last Style Cheat Sheet post. Part of its absence can be accredited to creative blockages and part can be blamed on summer. My feeling that the Style Cheat Sheet is…