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Steal My Style

Basic Black Shoes Are a Must Have


William just went down for his morning nap which means I have an unknown amount of time to write this post. His naps are unpredictable… Yesterday he slept for an hour and a half in the morning but on Monday he slept for only 30 minutes. But that’s not what this post is about! This is about an apology and shoes. Over a year ago I was contacted about receiving a pair of Rockport shoes for a blog post. Very…

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Hart Tassel Earrings She Stole My Style
Fashion Steal My Style

I Heart Hart Earrings

Last week or the week before (it’s hard to keep of weeks now with the sleep deprivation) I was on Twitter and saw a post about a Christmas gift giving guide from an American magazine or newspaper and clicked.…

Having a Baby She Stole My Style
Steal My Style

I’m Having a Baby!

So it’s been awhile! A lot has happened since I last posted and I really needed some time to wrap my mind around it. That process is still going on but I’m making my way through it. What’s the…