Cocktail Conversation Cheat Sheet|May 20th

Cocktail Conversation Cheat Sheet

Starting today I am going to revive what I’ve neglected for months: Sharing a curated weekly collection of things I love. What is different is what and how I’m sharing it. Less is more so often in life and I’ve learned that it applies to what I do on She Stole My Style (in addition to the thousands of other places it applies in life). The format of these posts is re-designed to be easy to read and open: It’s a short and sweet bulleted list with links that will take you directly to the content.

So what motivated me to revamp and reinvigorate this style of post? You. Wickedly smart, successful and busy women that don’t always have the luxury of time to scroll Facebook because it’s 11PM and you got home from work at 6, made dinner for 7, did bedtime or laundry and/or whatever else needs to get done and now it’s 10:30PM and you’re tired. I get it. When you choose sleep over Facebook, TMZ and The Globe and Mail, I understand. So well rested as you may (or not) be, that means that you still aren’t Magic Make More Hours in the Day Woman and everything unread and unwatched is still just that. But then you are at a cocktail party and after you are done discussing the consequences of a pipeline not being approved the conversation moves to asking one another if you have seen that viral TED talk that’s making it rounds online and you have no idea what they are talking about. While I might not share that same viral video, I will include something else that you can transition the conversation to (hopefully) seamlessly. This curated weekly email is a list of articles, videos and products I find interesting and think are worth sharing that touch style, politics, leadership and beauty and a wrap-up of posts that I’ve written for that week. I really hope you love it, share it and find it useful. So, let’s begin! 



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