Finding My Sparkle with Bot Communications

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

I spent the day listening to and learning from Nicole Hudson of Bot Communications. Born and raised in Calgary, she now lives in Toronto and is an admitted social media lover. The bio on her website says that she even met her husband through Facebook which is automatic social media street cred in my books. Nicole is smart, funny and has created a branding workshop that makes budding and established entrepreneurs like me feel like they can conquer the online and offline worlds.

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Getting brand[ed] with Bot Communications. Check out the super cool hanger paperclip!

In the last few weeks I’ve gotten to hangout in a couple of really cool spaces in Calgary. The first being The Commons Calgary where I’ve been going to The Social Summit workshops (the last one is tomorrow) and the second being Headspace which is closer to my neck of the woods in Calgary. How can you not love being surrounded with awesome graffiti art?

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Inside the uber cool meeting space Headspace in Calgary.

What I loved about Nicole’s workshop is that it gave there the confidence to get out of their comfort zone by taking interesting pictures of what most would consider ordinary and unphotogenic items. Or at least what some would consider to unphotogenic or unremarkable items. Bloggers and those in social media see products as an opportunity to share and share I did! I posted quite a few pictures during the day to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter like the one below that features some super yummy locally made cold pressed High Vibe Juice.

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Cold pressed and Calgary made High Vibe Juice.

Nicole partnered with a few local entrepreneurs throughout the day and we were lucky enough to bring most home! Erika Takahashi of Riki Taki Type created these amazing watercolour prints for every participant that coincidentally used Nicole’s slogan for the workshop. Mine will definitely be going up on the wall in my office.


Another partner was the talented and newcomer to the Calgary jewelry making scene Kristen Friedrichs. Kristen, aka Sonder + Stone, created earrings for everyone and this is the pair that I picked out. I’ve planned out my outfit for tomorrow and these babies will be making their first appearance in my wardrobe. Look out for an interview with Kristen this week on more of her beautiful creations!

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Sonder + Stone earrings.

I also met Brie and Mallory who are in the midst of launching their own graphic design and social media company. One of their clients generously supplied all of us with SunnaTan coconut mango body lotion which instantly transported me back to Thailand with its intoxicatingly fragrant scent.


Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

SunnaTan coconut mango body lotion.

What isn’t pictured here is my headshot which was taken by professional photographer Jamie Hyatt. I have a tendency to go from easy-breezy to suddenly stiff when it comes being one-on-one with a photographer. I am crossing my fingers that I become more comfortable in-front of the lens seeing it’s a pretty key factor in having a fashion blog… I feel like Jamie had to spend a few extra minutes with me trying to get me to relax which was really nice of her and I know from my experience with her today that she would be a great wedding and special events photographer.

I had a great time finding my sparkle today not only through delving more deeply in to the branding of The Bitch That Stole My Style but also networking with an awesome group of women in Calgary. It took me a long time (years) to build up the confidence to launch this blog and I know that the more I surround myself with energetic, dynamic and determined people like Nicole, Jamie, Erika, Kristen, Brie, Mallory and YOU that my fledgling blog will become a success.

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  • Jamie Hyatt
    April 30, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    You are the sweetest! It was so lovely to meet you and thanks for the little shout-out!

    Your blog will totally become a success, keep doing what you are doing! I think being connected to a community always helps to stay motivated and positive about the journey.

    • Sarah Elder-Chamanara
      April 30, 2015 at 10:11 pm

      You are so sweet! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Erika Takahashi
    May 1, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    This is amazing! Thanks so much for you kind words!

    • Sarah Elder-Chamanara
      May 2, 2015 at 7:54 pm

      You’re very welcome. Thanks so much for giving us each something to take home as a reminder of the day!

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