Five Black Crossbody Bags That Will Never Go Out of Style

Crossbody bags are everywhere on Instagram right now. If you haven’t seem them on Instagram than I’m sure you’ve seen them in a magazine or actually on someone.

I first discovered the benefits of using a crossbody bag when in my early days as a political aide. At events you aren’t just a point person for the politician you are working for but for the media. You’re carrying a stack of news releases, business cards for yourself and the politician and you’re usually the photographer which means you’ve got a camera in your bag. And you’ve always got your cellphone clutched in the palm of your hand. It’s a lot of juggling and moving body parts and a crossbody bag let me have easy access to everything I needed to work an event and have my hands free (minus the phone as it is always in your hand) to take pictures. Even if you aren’t a political aide, chances are you could use your hands free whether it’s when you’re with your kids, at the mall or popping out of the office for a meeting with stakeholders.

You can check out my current favourite five black crossbody bags in a variety of price points and styles below. If you have a favourite black bag, crossbody or otherwise, let me know which one it is and why in the comments section below. I’m always interested to hear what bag someone really loves and why.

PS: If I had to pick just one of these bags it would have to be the Saint Laurent with the close runner-up being the Chloe… Can you tell that I have champagne taste on a prosecco budget?!

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Rebecca Minkoff Lane Crossbody. Photo retrieved from ShopBop.

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Liebeskind Faith Crossbody. Photo retrieved from Coggles.


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