My Love for Floral Dresses is Back

She Stole My Style Floral Fall Dress Poppy Barley - October 21, 2016

Who else loves florals? I can’t be alone on this one. Since moving to Alberta and hanging up my dress collection (I mean this literally) and practically returning my many, many pairs of heels, I’ve been able to reign in my love of florals. Obviously until now because this post and my last one feature strong floral prints. I found this Ellen Tracy dress on the same clearance rack as my turquoise dress pants. Seriously, you need to give sale and clearance racks extra attention even though it can be a hassle because it’s where you will usually score the best deals. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, I can’t find this dress on the Hudson’s Bay website. Or Nordstrom. Or Amazon. Or even the Ellen Tracy site. (Ellen Tracy, if you are reading this, you are still showing your spring collection. It’s time for a website update). So I offer you my sincerest apologies because I really am trying to give you links to everything that I share because I actually really do want you to steal my style. I am going to link to everything that is available at Hudson’s Bay (and if you shop between November 4-7 using your Hudson’s Bay credit card you will save an additional 15% off) because there are some other great deals and I was/am really impressed the fit and quality of this dress.



She Stole My Style Floral Fall Dress Poppy Barley - October 21, 2016

Dress | Ellen Tracy from Hudson’s Bay Tights | Joe Fresh Purse | Poppy Barley The Perfect Handbag Boots | Poppy Barley Two Point Five Ankle Boot


She Stole My Style Floral Fall Dress Poppy Barley - October 21, 2016

And… I got my ears pierced! For the second time in each ear! Yes, it hurt but it was totally worth it because I love having two holes in each ear. It’s honestly double the earring fun now. Earrings | Swarovski Bella Pierced Earrings (the sparkly drop ones)



You may balk at the cost of anything from Poppy Barley but trust me when I tell you that you are paying for quality. Not just quality like the leather is amazing (which it is) but quality in terms of how every item is produced. The craftsmen and women who make Poppy Barley’s products are fairly compensated for their work – no-one is being taken advantage of. Unlike a lot of other companies, ahem. It’s food for thought before making your next purchase. I am just as guilty as making purchases from fast fashion brands that don’t have the track record the likes of Poppy Barley but as I become more aware of the issues surrounding fashion I feel a greater sense of responsibility to make better purchasing decisions in all aspects of my life. Why spend $100 on a pair of shoes that won’t last a season when you can spend more and have a pair that lasts for years and years? And besides my droning on and on about this, Poppy Barley is owned by two sisters in Edmonton. Yes, Edmonton. Alberta. That alone is worth checking out their wares, don’t you think? 

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