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The Unrealistic World of Social Media & A Super Cute Gentle Fawn Dress

She Stole My Style Boho Gentle Fawn Dress

After I got engaged I started to think about what kind of wedding we wanted and what it would look like. I started to use Pinterest more and more often. I was pinning images of flower arrangements, place settings, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, hair, makeup and on and on and on. I was looking at really beautiful images that inspired me to create a vision for our wedding. And then I spoke to a wedding planner to get an estimate for their services and to get an idea of what our vision would cost. It was a massive reality check on both counts. We couldn’t afford a full wedding planner (keep in mind I was planning it from another province) and the dream Pinterest wedding I had in my mind was completely unrealistic and unaffordable. Our wedding ended up being amazing that had elements of my early Pinterest planning but it was much more simple and affordable. It was the perfect day.  This was my first experience of the very modern problem of the unrealistic expectations created my social media. This is the same challenge/frustration/issue I have with Instagram and social media in general. The perception of perfection is created and it just isn’t real. You could say that I am contributing to this issue with the new style posts I’ve been sharing. That’s why it’s important for you to know that the photos aren’t edited in any way. It’s why I had a hard time deciding to share the last post. You can totally see my tummy isn’t flat. But I still shared the post because I think that there needs to be more realness shared – whether it means showing a picture where you can see a zit or even, heaven forbid, a little fat, chubbiness or whatever you want to call it. But this doesn’t mean that I am immune to common trends. Like wearing a floppy black hat or holding a pumpkin which wearing a Gentle Fawn dress.

She Stole My Style Boho Gentle Fawn Dress

Oh, the places she will go. With a pumpkin.

This Gentle Fawn dress is a very recent purchase from The Bamboo Ballroom in Calgary at their Kensington store. I honestly went in for something else. This sweater from Brunette the Label actually, but they had no medium/large sizes in stock at either of their Calgary locations and then I saw this dress. I’ve said before that I have a thing for turtlenecks but I also have a thing for floral dresses.

She Stole My Style Boho Gentle Fawn Dress

Lola was with us during the shoot and she wasn’t happy about being left out so I grabbed her for a few minutes. Isn’t she the most adorable thing ever?

She Stole My Style Boho Gentle Fawn Dress

Dress | Gentle Fawn Floral Utopia Dress (I bought mine at Calgary’s Bamboo Ballroom for much less than what the site I’ve linked to is charging) Belt | Michael Kors (it came with a dress that I bought in the summer) Hat | Jacob (that tells you how old it is) Tights | Joe Fresh Boots | CheckMate Shoes (sadly from almost three years ago)

This dress is obviously flowy. I think that it looks lovely without a belt but for someone who is size 12-ish, putting a belt on a dress immediately brings definition to the narrowest part of my body. I would also wear it without a belt but it’s an easy addition to create a different look with something almost every woman already has in her closet. 

She Stole My Style Boho Gentle Fawn Dress

Wearing green boots might seem a little risky for some but I think they were a great contrast to the dress.

She Stole My Style Boho Gentle Fawn Dress

Giving some serious side-eye to an imaginary adversary.

I’m going to end this post with a commitment to you, my dear readers. It’s a commitment to keep it real on She Stole My Style. If I ever post a picture of me that is altered in any way, I promise to tell you. I want to be as authentic as possible with everything I do and share here. I wouldn’t just be letting you down if I didn’t disclose something. I would be letting myself down as well. And I don’t want to do either.

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