How to Wear an Animal Print Jacket


When Sarah Beau Photography and I were taking these shots I jokingly said that the brush made me feel like I was an animal in the jungle. This sleeveless animal print jacket is perhaps the most animal print I have ever worn. I rarely go in to Melanie Lyne because I know that I am not their target audience and their clothes can be a little too mature for me even at the ever ripening age of 33. I went in to check out their formal dresses because I am (still) on the hunt for a dress for an upcoming wedding and I am hoping to find something on sale. I didn’t luck out on the dress front because my husband wasn’t crazy about the only dress in the store I liked but I did find this piece and a geometric top. And to be fair to Melanie Lyne, I have shopped their before. Several years ago, when I still lived in Victoria, I bought a lace dress that I wore to a Leaders’s Dinner (where the Premier speaks, all of Cabinet and Caucus attend and a lot of money is raised) but can’t remember if I have bought anything from there between then and now. 

I know that the title of this post is “How to Wear an Animal Print Jacket” and you might quibble with me over this being a jacket. It’s a sleeveless jacket but even if it had sleeves I would wear it the same way – with all black. I think that the contrast makes the animal print pop and honestly, if you are wearing animal print you already pop so why not make it really pop! I would also wear it over a dress with sleeves. (A sleeveless jacket over a sleeveless vest would be a no-no in my opinion.) Or with jeans that aren’t black which is actually what I had on when I found it in the store. And while we are on this topic, I dispute the naming of this jacket a jacket. Shouldn’t a jacket at least have buttons? I think that there are a lot of ways to pair animal prints and even mix them with another print but it has to be done carefully. My rule of thumb for an outfit with animal print is that there can only be one animal print item*. I use the * because as I write this I think that I would make an exception if the outfit had animal print shoes and an animal print bag. I think that would work. Wear it but wear it wisely, ladies. 

And for the record, I 1,000,000% do not subscribe to the ridiculous idea that only a woman of a certain age can wear something like this or that wearing animal print, if single, is something that a word that rhymes with mouger wears or shouldn’t wear. I think it is simply stupid for society to place any limit on what a woman of any age should or shouldn’t wear. Any woman should wear whatever she wants if it makes her feel good. And confident. And happy. 


Sweater | Banana Republic Merino Crew Sweater | Earrings | J.Crew Oversized Crystal Earrings (I scored these at 40% off last week and they are currently 30% off)



This shot of me looking in purse isn’t just for the photo – I was actually really looking for my phone because I wanted to take a picture of the temperature but I left it in the car. 



I kept my hands in my pockets a lot for this outfit shoot because I was really cold.

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