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Having a Baby She Stole My Style

I’m Having a Baby!

So it’s been awhile! A lot has happened since I last posted and I really needed some time to wrap my mind around it. That process is still going on but I’m making my way through it. What’s the it? I’m pregnant! I feel like having a baby is a bit of an identity change or at least for me it is. I will still be myself but I won’t be myself. Does that make sense? And how that impacts who I am here was something I thought about a lot. And am still thinking about. Ultimately, this space will evolve as I evolve and I don’t know exactly what it will look like but that’s totally ok with me. I can tell you that being pregnant has totally changed my shopping habits. I shop way less now which is a good thing but at the same time it has been frustrating because I’ve realized there is a total dearth of quality and stylish maternity clothing in Canada. 

Thyme Maternity (owned by Reitmans) and Motherhood are the two big box maternity stores in Calgary. Gap used to be an option until they stopped carrying maternity clothes in-store and put it all online. My chiefs complaints about shopping at these stores? High prices and not great quality or high quality with a really high price in limited sizes. Yes, this can be said of so many non-maternity stores, but at least consumers have the choice of shopping around. I’ve become pretty picky and my most recent clothing purchases have been from non-maternity stores. I have started to only buy things that I know I will be able to wear post-delivery otherwise I would end up with a closet full of clothes that I may never wear again.


Fitting room #selfie in the fitting room at Banana Republic Factory at Cross Iron Mills.

The photo above is from last week at the Banana Republic Factory store. I tried on several summer kind of shirts, bought three to try again at home but returned them all. When I returned them yesterday I ended up trying and buying a dress that I am going to wear to an event next week and as long as it will fit me. The fabric is slightly thicker and has elastic in it so it will hopefully give as I grow. 

My big purchase came yesterday and it was one that I had been putting off. A nursing bra. Although I can feel the baby moving around and I know it’s there, I still can’t believe a lot of the time that I am having a baby. So nursing is like totally crazy to me. But lately my regular Victoria Secret bras have begun digging in to my ribcage when I sit which isn’t the most comfortable of feelings. I knew that just getting a regular bra wasn’t a smart decision because it wouldn’t work for breast feeding. I finally visited Ella Bella Maternity and decided it was time after seeing their selection of nursing bras and comparing them mentally to everything else that I had seen at other stores. I found one that wasn’t the most expensive that fit the best out of any that I tried on (and I’m wearing it right now) called the Buttercup Nursing Bra. What I should have asked in the store was how it actually works when you start breastfeeding because I have no clue. There are these strange little clips on each side and I don’t know how to open them. And there are these strange pieces of fabric in the cup which I don’t know anything about either. Obviously, I should have asked more questions. I was really impressed with a line of clothing Ella Bella carries called Boob. I tried on this dress but it fit perfectly but I wanted to try it in a size up which they didn’t have to compare. I gave them my name and phone number to call me when more stock comes in.  Or I might just take advantage of the 10% off coupon online and buy it directly from Boob. Their name is amazing. 

Does anyone have any tips on where to shop in Canada for maternity clothes that are good quality, reasonably priced and will live on as I start nursing because I would love to hear them! You can comment on the She Stole My Style Facebook page or email me at shestolemystyle@gmail.com.



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