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Style fashion beauty blog Calgary

My July Fashion & Beauty Wishlist

I’m not the only one who keeps a mental running list of purchases they would like to make, right? I’m going to pretend that someone, just one someone at least, is saying “yes” and that I’m not alone on this. Some of these items come from seeing them on Instagram and finding out exactly what they are courtesy of the genius LiketoKnow application/subscription. LiketoKnow allows you to shop posts by simply signing up via their website (and allowing them to access some of your info because of course they want data) and by simply liking posts that you would normally like and that tell you the Instagrammer is part of the program, you receive an email delivered promptly to your inbox with all of the details on where said item can be purchased from. The rest of the items on the list come from trips to the mall or just looking online.


Style fashion beauty blog Calgary

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch

This Daniel Wellington watch is a fashion blogger favourite. I would like to think that isn’t why I like it though… I have a few watches but never wear one consistently because I don’t like wearing a lot of jewelry. I used to wear a watch way more often before I got engaged/married because I never wore rings on my left hand. Now when I wear a watch my left hand looks/feels laden. BUT, this watch is super simple, classic and light so I think that I would wear it a lot.

Aren’t these shoes amazing? I love that they are pink and strappy. They look to be on the high side for me but when I saw these shoes on Calgary blogger Melanie aka Born Lippy and the shoes honestly called out to me and said, “Sarah! These shoes are meant for you.” Because shoes totally speak, right? I try to keep heel height around kitten heel to 3.5 inches because at 5’9 I don’t need the extra height. However, they are pink and strappy and they just like the kind of shoes that you would wear when you feel happy.


Lemons. Liz Lemon. Lemonaide. All great and this skirt reminds me of all things lemon. It’s like the perfect summer skirt for those who love a fun print. The downside? It is currently sold out. I’ve linked above to Macy’s but you may be able to find it elsewhere online. It’s adorable.

Gingham speaks to me. It says, “I’m a timeless pattern that will never go out of style which makes me totally justifiable.” How many times have I told myself that when making a purchase that is definitely more than unnecessary. How many times have you used it? Many probably. I love this dress not only for its pattern but its length, a-line fit and the collar detail – it has a faux collar detail using the same material at a different angle which creates a unique design feature. Since it’s not in my closest perhaps you want to add it to yours?

Style fashion beauty blog Calgary

Clarisonic Mia 2

Since I’ve started wearing makeup waaaay more often I’ve become concerned about the health of my skin. When I remove my makeup at night I really try my absolute best to get it all off but I don’t always feel like that happens. I have combination skin (oily t-zone and dry cheeks) and I am still searching for the best combination of cleansing-toning-moisturizing products that really work. I’ve been using Clinique products consistently for the last year and a bit and am relatively happy with them but I feel like there is a better way to just get a solid base of super clean skin to work with. The Clarisonic is a bit pricey however I consider it an investment in my skin so I’m waiting for a crazy deal or Christmas… I know, the C-mas word. But come on, there are already decorative pumpkins for sale and it isn’t even August.

Tell me what items are on your shopping list in the comments below!

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