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New York Fashion Week isn’t just about clothes. Hair and makeup are a BIG deal and trends are created and spotted on the catwalks in the exact same way clothing ones are. At this year’s NYFW a new hair trend was spotted: Effortless but too perfect to be what you woke up with kind of hair. Kathleen Hou, senior beauty editor at The Cut, a digital sister to the revered New York Magazine, wrote about coining the term “Rich-Girl Hair” in a March article. I was immediately intrigued. I wanted the hair and I wanted to share it with you. So I approached my go-to hair stylist Allie at The Ginger Group about doing a tutorial so that instead of just reading about the style you can understand how to do it at home yourself.

Here are the tools you will need:


1 inch curling iron

Unite Tricky Lite Finishing Spray

Unite Beach Day Texturizing Spray

Unite Session-Max Spray Extra Strong

Step #1
Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Brush clean dry hair into two sections at eyebrow level. Spray lightly with Unite Tricky Lite Finishing Spray six to eight inches away from your head.

Optional: Use Unite Beach Day Unite Beach Day Texturizing Spray before you dry your hair to get more texture/volume.

Step #2

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Starting by the face take two inch sections and curl your hair once in the middle using your curling iron. If your hair is longer, repeat this same step on your ends like in the picture below. Leave the occasional stray piece out. This will help make your hair less done-done and more natural. Repeat this all the way around the bottom section of your hair and rotate the direction of your curling iron as you go to avoid clumping. Rich-Girl Hair does NOT clump!

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Step #3

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Repeat the exact same process on the top layer of your hair including lightly using Unite Tricky Lite Finishing Spray. Don’t forget to curl away from your face when doing the two sections by your face.

Step #4
Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Once your hair is cool, break up the curls gently with your fingers and mist with a small amount of Unite Beach Day Texturizing Spray or Unite Session-Max Spray Extra Strong six to eight inches away from your head depending on the amount of curl and texture (make sure you read Allie’s pro-tips at the bottom of this post to find out what texture really means and more!).

The Final Product – Rich-Girl Hair

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

Allie’s Hair Styling Pro-Tips

– Texture is volume. So if you want more texture know that you are creating volume. Texture is not flat and sleek.

– Why spray six to eight inches away from your head? Aerosol hair products contain alcohol that is specifically formulated to dissolve and evaporate before hitting the hair. If you go inside the danger zone of less than six inches, your hair will end up crunchy. If you spray at the directed amount, the product will be distributed evenly so that all the hair is covered and smooth.

– Don’t forget that you should always curl away from your face. Wind your hair down and around the curling iron in a clockwise direction on the right side of your face and a counter-clockwise direction on the left side. This helps make your hair look more natural.

– Always let your curls cool before touching them. Letting them cool allows the hair to set. You want it to set because that means you won’t loose your curl!

– Rotating the sections of hair is a big deal and can change your life hair. Rotating is a major key to achieving Rich-Girl Hair.

– The bigger the section of hair you curl = the bigger the wave. Rich-Girl Hair is all about the loose large curls that are barely there. If you curl small sections, beware that your curls will be smaller and tighter.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Allie for saying yes to my proposal of a hair tutorial, to our lovely model Haeli Saunders who is a stylist herself and to Sandra and John Stolbie, owners of The Ginger Group for being supportive of the idea! I started seeing Allie last year after having my wedding trial and wedding day hair done by Sandra and John’s daughter Zia who is a hair stylist in Vancouver. I bought hair extensions (don’t cut your hair super short in the 12 months before your wedding) and needed to have them matched to my hair. Zia suggested The Ginger Group and I haven’t visited another hair salon since.

If you would like more information about The Ginger Group you can check them out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest or give them a phone call at 403-234-8542 to schedule an appointment.

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