Sheer Genius: Three Ways to Style Three Kimonos

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Before my trip to Iran last month I teamed up with Lindsay Sabean of Lost in Layers to show you our unique takes on styling summer’s hottest piece of clothing: The KIMONO!

A little background… I met Lindsay several months ago when I was preparing for my trip to Iran. I wasn’t sure about what to pack but I knew that I needed a couple of kimonos to take along with me so that I could manage the dress code more easily. (Read more about fashion in Iran here!) I immediately liked Lindsay not only for her lovely kimonos but for her genuine personality. So began our relationship in fashion and as friends.

If you aren’t on the kimono-train already here are four reasons why you need to add one to your closet pronto:

1. You can wear a kimono with almost anything you already own.

2. Kimonos give you coverage when you want it in a barely there kind of way.

3. A kimono gives an ordinary outfit immediate style.

4. The same kimono will work on every body type. The proof’s below!

Stampede Chic and Effortlessly Cool

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

On Sarah: Boots from Shepler’s | Jeans from J.Crew | Lace Tank from RW&CO | Necklace & Bracelet from Stella and Dot | Kimono from Lost in Layers / On Lindsay: Skirt from H&M| Tank from Unknown | Heels from Aldo| Kimono from Lost in Layers

I intentionally (super intentionally actually) decided to do a Stampede look because there are more options than short-shorts and tank tops. This look is for those that want to change things up but still look country-ready (that’s right, I just made up a new fashion term and it’s awesome). Maybe you have an afternoon or evening Stampede party to attend but the jean shorts are in your closet and you don’t want to show that much skin. This look is for you. Throw a kimono on over your jeans, add some silverly statement jewelry and you’re ready.

Lindsay dressed up the same kimono with a drool-worth longer black lace skirt and a simple grey tank. You could wear this to your trendy office job or to brunch. Swap out the skirt for skinny jeans and it’s a totally different outfit. Voila! That’s the beauty of a kimono.

PS: You can maybe feel that I was a little nervous/stiff in this photo… I thankfully warmed up as we went along when I realized that the key to my photo success was taking on a camera-loving persona.

Classic Office Ready and Easy Summer Dressy

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

On Sarah: Heels from Nine West | Pants & Dress Shirt from Banana Republic | Necklace from Unknown | Kimono from Lost in Layers / On Lindsay: Dress from Unknown | Sandals from Sterling Shoes | Necklace from Unknown | Kimono from Lost in Layers

For this look I wanted to show how a kimono can work at the office. I’m wearing a pair of Drapey Pants from Banana Republic (no longer available in navy) with a Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Shirt, simple black Nine West Heels and understated jewelry. Want to take a calculated risk with your wardrobe this summer? Try a kimono (…steal my style!) with an outfit like mine and see for yourself.

Lindsay transformed a simple black cotton dress and sandals with exact same kimono. Aren’t Lindsay’s eyes stunning by the way?!  Her red hair totally pops with the red flowers in the kimono and her blue eyes. Back to the outfit! You could so easily wear this to an afternoon wedding or out for dinner.


Casually Elegant and Monochrome Casual

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

On Sarah: Boots from J.Crew | Jeans from Gap | Tank from Tristan | Necklace from RW | Kimono from Lost in Layers / On Lindsay: Tank from Aritzia | Leggings from Aritzia | Sandals from Sterling Shoes | Mala from Chalice Grove | Kimono from Lost in Layers

This is my favourite kimono. Since Lindsay makes a limited number of kimonos you are extremely unlikely to ever see someone else wearing yours. I totally underestimated this one and I didn’t want to hand it over after I tried it on… I also love Gap’s Resolution True Skinny Jeans which is what I’m wearing here (the red is sadly no longer available) along with a crepe sleeveless blouse from Canadian brand Tristan and a pair of grey suede ankle boots from J. Crew that I scored on sale a couple of months ago. The metal mesh bib statement necklace is from another Canadian store called RW&CO.

Lindsay rocks pleather leggings. She owns them literally and figuratively. The leggings, tank and mala from Chalice Grove are perfect together. The kimono brings Lindsay’s outfit from edgy to amazing.

You’re totally on the kimono train now, right? Check out Lost in Layers on Facebook, on Etsy and at Commonwealth Collectors Club this Sunday and get one for yourself.

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