I’m Stealing Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau’s Style and You Can Too

Sophie Trudeau Aldo Clutch

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau is Canada’s newest First Lady and she has very quickly drawn notice at home and globally for her style. Grégoire-Trudeau (a fellow name hyphenator) was probably always stylish in her own right but since her husband won our last federal election in October she has placed a special and deserved emphasis on wearing Canadian designers. And since I am extremely political and obviously love fashion my excitement has taken off astronomically for a couple of reasons: The attention that Canadian designers will receive when Grégoire-Trudeau wears their pieces and because I will be able to easily make some of them part of my wardrobe.

The attention launched at the swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall last November when Gregoire-Trudeau wore a cream Sentaler coat and then two others on Remembrance Day and on a visit to London, England. The attention Grégoire-Trudeau and the coat received was substantial considering how little attention was paid to the wardrobe of Laureen Harper, our wife of our last Prime Minister in the age of social media and online shopping. Understanding that the wives of Prime Minister’s will invariably see their roles and themselves differently, I feel like Mrs. Harper passed up the opportunity to wear Canadian designers and to leverage the media coverage that would have resulted to her husband’s political advantage.

Sentaler coats are sadly unaffordable for most (including me) which makes it a challenge for the average Canadian women who love Grégoire-Trudeau’s style to incorporate her clothes into their own wardrobes. Thankfully Grégoire-Trudeau has incorporated some more affordably priced items into her public wardrobe which you and I can much more easily bring home.

Like a lot of Canadians , I was excited for the Trudeau’s visit to Washington, D.C where they attended a State Dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Images of Grégoire-Trudeau’s outfits immediately started generating a lot of social media attention from the minute their plane touched down but my interest peaked when I saw her orange ALDO Warwick clutch which she used at the official arrival reception later that afternoon. (Grégoire-Trudeau also wore two pairs of ALDO shoes during the visit.)

At $50 it’s an incredibly reasonable amount of money to spend on a more fashion-forward accessory that can be used all spring and summer. It can easily be dressed up and down which makes it an even more practical purchase and the bright orange colour might put some off but those who love a pop of colour like me can see unlimited outfit potential. I have taken some of my own pictures to give you a better look at the exterior and interior than what is available on the website.

I can’t wait to use the clutch for the first time and will try to document my outfit so that you can see how easy it is to make part of your wardrobe as well.

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ALDO lists the fabric simply as “textile” which is amusing but not really detailed enough in my opinion. The fabric is soft and has a suede-like feel to it.


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The clutch has a fairly roomy interior with multiple pockets and divided areas which will make carrying a phone, wallet and lipstick a cinch.


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The clutch comes with a gold metal chain that you can easily attach under the front flap. I don’t really like chain straps so I highly doubt I will ever use it but it’s nice to have the option.


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