Steal My Style: April 23rd Vancouver Edition (AKA I Love a Good Sale!)

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Last weekend we spent a long weekend in Vancouver and then came back to Calgary just in time to celebrate my birthday… I (truthfully) went to Vancouver with a no shopping mentality. We are so close to our trip to Las Vegas and San Fransisco that I reallllly wanted to not buy anything so that I could shop more when we are away because any Canadian who loves shopping follows the exchange rate and it isn’t good right now. Here comes the but. But I ended up doing a *little* bit of shopping…

I went for brunch with friends at Yew in the Four Seasons with some lovely friends and after had a few minutes to kill until my husband picked me up. The Four Seasons just happens to be connected to Pacific Centre so naturally I just happened to spend a few minutes looking in Splendid which is conveniently located next to the escalator. I’ve never bought anything at Splendid because I consider it to be very pricey for pretty basic items so it was a pleasant surprise to see a teeny tiny sale section where I discovered a swingy blue and white striped tank top. I tried it on and it honestly said to me, “I look so good that you have to bring me back to Calgary!” What can a girl do but listen when a tank top speaks to her?

Oh, and a pair of laceless grey Keds because an old pair of Nine West flats decided they didn’t like me anymore and cut into both of my heels. It was a shoe emergency so no rules applied in that situation. Honestly though, Keds, where have you been all of my life?! Although they are already looking really worn and I’ve only had them for five days so that’s a little weird.

Fast forward to Sunday when we had to pop by Loft at Metropolis at Metrotown to exchange a shirt my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday. It was a sign from a greater power when earlier that morning I received an email declaring EVERYTHING to be 40% off! I tried on a huge pile of shirts, sweaters and tanks. I think that the women working at the store thought I was a little crazy but it made sense to me because Calgary unfortunately doesn’t have Loft. Loft and I really started to get to know each other in 2013 when I was in Denver, Colorado for a reunion trip with friends from my Rotary Youth Exchange to Germany. I tried on a pair of jeans and it was almost like a rainbow sprouted in the changing room.


So, you see, it all makes sense! I walked out with a relaxed trench coat, a blue and white patterened blouse (it isn’t available on the Canadian or American websites), round sunglasses and floral wide leg capri pants.

I love everything that I came home with even though I hadn’t been planning on coming home with anything. That being said, everything is going to get a lot of use over the next month and I have already worn a lot of what I bought. I wore this outfit on the plane ride home on Monday night:

Style fashion blog street style beauty blog Calgary Canada

My outfit coming back to Calgary: Gap jeans, Splendid tank, Loft sunglasses, Coutu necklace and a Banana Republic denim shirt.

I’m going to do another post tomorrow on some non-shopping highlights from my weekend in Vancouver including letting you know the BEST place to get coffee in Vancouver if you’re in politics or the who’s-who of business in British Columbia!



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