Steal My Style Cheat Sheet | 06.03.16

Steal My Style Cheat Sheet

Photo via: Aldo.

This week was a busy one and I don’t think that I am the only person rejoicing the fact that it’s Friday. It still feels like I am almost done catching up on sleep after depriving myself of it last weekend in Winnipeg. This weekend is going to be full of Persian food, volunteering and a baby shower. And I’m trying a new fitness studio in Kensington (a neighbourhood in Calgary) that uses kettlebells in its workouts. I’ve tried a lot of gyms and fitness classes since moving to Calgary but nothing has stuck. I think that it mainly has to do with the fact that I attended BDHQ in Victoria which is hands down the best gym. It’s where I showed up for what I thought was my first small group class at some ungodly hour (no joke, it was something like 5AM) only to discover I either had the wrong day or time and instead did a full kettlebell class. After which I remember not being able to sit down without holding on to something for at least two days. The joys of working out!  I realize I’m getting off topic and am now going to steer both myself and you back to the purpose of this post: This week’s Style My Style Cheat Sheet.

Style Cheat Sheet Favourites

Left: Boatneck lines are a major yes especially when paired with pulled back hair and majorly long statement earrings that accentuate your exposed neck. Right: Classic trench coats will NEVER go out of style. This army green is military-inspired with its gold hardware, neck and belt and I adore it.  Photo credit: Indigital.


Style Cheat Sheet Misses

Left: I would only wear this indoors and only on really cold nights. The ruffles help with the overall design, don’t you think? Right: Four words are all it takes for me on these shoes: Never on my body. Photo credit: Indigital.

Rainbow Sushi

Photo via: Tablespoon


It’s hard to beat rainbow sushi so this is where I am going to end it for this week. Happy Friday!



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