Style Cheat Sheet | 06.10.16

Things are going to get political here on this weeks Style Cheat Sheet because this has been an important news week in North America. The ridiculously short six month sentence of Stanford University student Brock Turner for his rape of another student has rightfully and thankfully prompted significant outrage. The victim’s impact statement has been shared widely and if you haven’t read it, take the time and do it. And Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate for President of the United States. She has only one ceiling left to shatter. I might just do an entire post on Hillary Clinton. Hmmm. food for thought! Ok. Let’s get going:

  • This one is time sensitive! MAC Cosmetics is having a sale which is delightful yet concerning. Today is the LAST Day which means you need to get shopping either in store or online! The code for online is MAC15. 
  • Periods. We need to talk about periods more. There is still a ridiculously huge amount of shame attached to having  your period in western cultures and even more in others. Let’s talk about periods more and normalize this normal body function. (There are two separate links in the bullet so make sure you click on both.) 
  • Rosé wine has become quite the trendy drink and why not? I dare you not to start drooling when you see what rosé wine slushy looks like. But don’t call it a Slurpee. Call it a frosé and make it sound even classier.
  • Gucci seat cushions. They cushioned guests (get it?)  at Gucci’s show last week at Westminster Abbey in London and were being made of with. 
She Stole My Style Cheat Sheet

Simply amazing. Image via Vogue.

  • Almost two weeks ago I took a watercolour painting workshop (post coming about it this weekend) at Greater Goods in Calgary and discovered Mint & Daisy’s Release exfoliator. I wish you could smell and feel it. It is 100% natural and this particular jar contains peppermint leaves, coconut oil and eucalyptus among other things. I am SUPER sore right now from a great kettlebell workout on Wednesday and am going to use this tonight. 
  • Juicy Couture tracksuits, like the one worn by the ah-mazing Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, are coming back. I hope that Kanye West doesn’t put one on Kim Kardashian because then you know they will be back. Coincidently, I just bought a Juicy Couture t-shirt at Winners and it’s killer. It has embroidered flowers, tiny cutouts and jewels on it. This sounds scary but I promise you it is awesome and not like a tracksuit at all. 
  • L’oreal True Match foundation is supposed to be the best drugstore foundation. I want to try it but because there are no testers and all of the bottles are sealed I have so far refrained from buying it. I might just pick it up this weekend because I really want to try it for myself.
  • If you missed it, read the first in a new series of posts that I am calling Empty Inside. Because the bottles are empty inside. 
  • And finally, Elizabeth Olsen. In addition to just being simply beautiful, her hair and makeup styles are really lovely. I am in the process of growing my hair out and want it grow it out to something like the length in the picture below. Her hair colour is making me want to go blonde again. This is an ongoing internal conversation and I am not sure which side is winning yet. I shall let you know!


She Stole My Style Cheat

Photos via L’oreal and Getty

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