Get in My Closet – January Edition

Oh, this trench. I spotted in on Boxing Day at BCBG and I instantly coveted it. I have a denim vest and a few trench coats but I don’t own a sleeveless trench coat. Rationalization achieved. The sleeveless trench is perfect for Calgary weather when it’s too warm for a winter jacket but cool enough that you still need an extra layer. I’ve become much more aware of what is called the Third Piece Rule which is essentially wearing three things like a sweater over a shirt and jeans rather than the usual two – jeans and a shirt. The third piece always elevates an outfit from ordinary to stylish because it gives you the opportunity to add personality to your outfit. The picture below from BCBG is a perfect example of how a sleeveless trench is a third piece. I’m hoping this piece ends up in my closet!

My sister almost always wears a Tiffany initial necklace and I’m always envious of how she can wear it with every outfit. I’ve never had a necklace that I could wear everyday from day to night. This Maya Brenner necklace is different than my sisters in that the initial is built into the chain but still unique and classic enough that I would love to wear it every day. (Hint to my husband for that upcoming February holiday!)

This is the first of a few pieces from Anthropologie I’m including. What makes this dress so drool-worth is that it’s a) an a-line LBD (little black dress), b) it’s a decent length for tall people like me that are conscious of how much leg they show and c) it has a unique front and slightly ruffled collar. I think this dress has a timeless quality and I would love to try it on to see if it translates to looking as good on me as it does on the model.

I feel like I need to include two non-clothing items on the list so my picks are these supremely classic nude Nine West pumps with my ideal heel height and a punch statement necklace from BaubleBar. I’m a HUGE Nine West supporter. Many (MANY) of my shoes are from Nine West because of the overall quality and size consistency. I am always a 10 at Nine West which makes shoe shopping easy and enjoyable. I don’t own a pair of nude pumps so these would be a welcome addition to my closet. The necklace is not like anything I own which would make it a valuable addition to my costume jewellery collection. I love it for its simplicity and size. It really is a statement and I would love to order it expect for the fact that the Canadian dollar is crazy low right now and makes the US exchange rate untenable.

I saw a woman at Banana Republic wearing this coat before Christmas and asked her where she got it… Which is how I know it comes from Judith + Charles! I went into the store after Boxing Day and they didn’t have it so I couldn’t try it on but it has stayed in mind. It’s currently 50% off and likely will sell out because of it’s classic styling and in-season design demand.

My last two picks are from Anthropologie and are very different. The first is a longer sweater that would look superb under the BCBG sleeves trench that was my first pick. It would also look created under a jean jacket or even belted. I love the pockets and the often overlooked detail of the lines meeting up. You can differentiate the quality of clothing by looking to see if the pattern meets up along the sewing lines. It’s often luxury goods that feature this detail because they are often hand made (and more $) versus mass produced fast-fashion that is quickly assembled (less $). The black blouse is a great length for us tall people – you can see where the models jeans go up to under the blouse. I love the large pattern at the shoulder level… It draws the eye up towards your face and is really lovely.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed looking at my picks and considering my advice about the Third Piece Rule and attention to detail when looking at other pieces. None of these items can be described as cheap but I’ve learned that it’s better to spend a little more for quality rather than simply going for quantity.

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