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Summer Clothes She Stole My Style

What I’m Wearing This Summer

Image via BCBG. Retro Round Sunglasses.


Summer. I’ve already made the switch to summer clothes with my annual schlepping of fall/winter clothes to the basement where it will stay until it’s time to bring it back on up to my closet. When I move the cold weather clothes out I feel like I am committing to dressing more summery. Or at least trying to commit. I still have way too many sweaters and may have added another two to my collection last weekend. (I seriously am addicted to sweaters.) I swear that they are sweaters that can be worn all year though. Really!

The interesting thing about when I started compiling images of what I’ve bought is that I realized how blue they are. Except for the black blouse. It is truly black and not at all blue. I didn’t intend on adding so much blue to my wardrobe but maybe I did it subconsciously? I have been making a conscious effort to only buy things that I really love and fit well. And are on sale. Everything in this post is on sale right now which means you can totally steal my style (get it? because it’s the name of my blog?!) and make it your own affordably.



Gap (and Banana Republic and Old Navy) constantly has sales. I actually never buy anything at Gap full price because they have sales so often that when I see something I need/want, I just wait for a sale. I bought this dress when it was 40% off which made it a steal considering how versatile it is. I also bought it in tall because I so over buying what is supposed to be a dress but fits me like a shirt.

I wish more retailers (hint to Gap’s sister store Banana Republic AND J.Crew) would offer tall sizes in their stores versus online only. If you like this dress, check their website for a sale code because paying full price is, like, .



I went to the mall to buy soap and came home with soap and a sweater. I was on my very best behaviour until I saw the delicate sign in the window of Club Monaco declaring an additional 30% off all sale items. So, I just want to *look*. And then I saw this sweater. I couldn’t leave it in the store. Originally $189.50 and marked down to $139.00 with another 30% off. This is a KILLER sweater. I mean, not only can anchors actually kill you but this sweater is killer amazing.

When I came home and showed it to my husband his reaction maybe wasn’t as excited as mine (mandatory reading on my husband and sweaters here) and then I told him that it’s for our trip to Japan in August/September and his reaction changed from amused to incredulous. We are going when it is really hot and humid but everyone knows that you always need a sweater for the plane and cool evenings, right?! It’s totally travel packing 101. I wore this sweater out a day later and received so many compliments  AND I told them all where to get it because it’s that amazing. (A woman working at Kate Spade seemed to want to literally run out of the store and go and buy it immediately…)



BCBG. So expensive and so dreamy all at the same time. Which is why when I saw this top was on sale AND an additional 30% I plopped down my debit card and said yes, it shall be mine forever and ever. Ok, I didn’t say that exactly but the thought was in my head. FYI, if you live in Calgary and like BCBG, I suggest you visit the store at South Centre Mall. It’s a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than the other two BCBG stores in Calgary. I tried on several other things but this was the only piece that I really loved. I also picked up a new pair of sunglasses (the ones in the picture at the top of the post) because they too were on sale and 30% off. I’ve given my Ray Ban Clubmaster’s some time off and have been wearing these new sunnies all the time. 



This lovely Anthropologie top was in the sale section. Just one all by its lonesome waiting for someone to love it. And I do! And since this last weekend everything including sale was 15% off it was a great deal. Originally $118 US and marked down to $59.95 plus the 15% off, it became affordable. I’m actually wearing it right now as I write this post. Although a little on the shorter side, I love the quality of the fabric and how it drapes. I’m wearing it with jeans right now but I know it will look great with shorts and high-waisted skirts. Plus, I am a total sucker for florals and lace. 



Aritizia is currently having a sale that is initially being offered as exclusive to existing shoppers with it being opened up to everyone else at a later date. When exactly? I have no idea as I can’t see it on their website but would imagine in the next day or so. Everything is on sale to varying degrees. Unfortunately for me and anyone else that loves their Wilfred line, it’s only 20% off. That being said, Aritzia doesn’t have a lot of sales and 20% off is 20% off. I spent a lot of time looking at everything one night last week when I couldn’t get to sleep so that I could scope out exactly what I had my eye on. I ended up with only two things: a black blouse and a navy sweater. As I mentioned before in this post, I am a sweater addict. And I didn’t have a navy sweater in my wardrobe. I do now!

The blouse is the second thing I’ve bought this year that I feel is pushing my style in a much cooler direction (the first being Poppy Barley’s Slip On Oxfords). I actually plan on wearing the blouse and the shoes together because I feel like they were destined to be worn together. You should totally check the sale out for yourself but beware of Aritzia’s crazy return policies (it drives me bananas). They will go back to selling everything at full price after the sale ends but their return policy for sale items is rigid and doesn’t allow for returns. I don’t get it. 

Last but not least is a pair of shoes that I feel should have been in my wardrobe years and years ago. I finally bought a pair of nude pumps with a small (not kitten) heel. I bought these before I went to Winnipeg and wore them on my first night there and am anxiously awaiting another event to wear them at again. They were and still are on sale but sizes online are extremely limited so you will likely have better luck by checking your local Nine West for them. They also come in navy and black if you are so inclined. The heel height is perfect for me and if the other colours go on sale I will definitely be getting them as well. 

There is so much I can do with these pieces and so many of them can be worn together. I really love everything here and have zero regrets other than they weren’t more on sale… But that’s a recurring wish that I am confident we all have! 

She Stole My Style

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