Oh So Fancy at Schmancy

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Just for fun, hit play on the video below before reading this post.

Friends of ours generously offered Ali and I tickets to Schmancy at Calgary’s Glenbow Museum last Saturday. This post is all about what I wore, my makeup and accessories because I’m really not all that fancy but getting dressed up is fun and having my makeup done is one of the best indulgences I think a woman can treat herself to. So read on and even find out how to save some money at MAC when YOU book your next makeup appointment!

Blog, Calgary, Style, Beauty, Makeup, Heels, Sam Edelman, Schmancy

Isn’t the palette so gorgeous?! All of these eyeshadow colours make so happy.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would wear and how I would get ready which was pretty unnecessary considering my outfit was very  simple and was primarily things that I already owned. Since I didn’t splurge on a fancy new dress, and I did my own hair, I decided to book an appointment at MAC in Hudson’s Bay in Chinook Mall for my makeup (I consider this $$ saved but I don’t think that Ali sees it quite that way ).

My makeup was done by a woman named Allana who usually works at the freestanding MAC store at Market Mall in Calgary’s northwest but was at Chinook helping out. Lucky me because I love what she did! And she was funny. I felt a little like I was getting my makeup done by Amy Schumer. I knew I would be wearing a simple black dress with red shoes so I wanted my makeup to feature a BOLD  Ruby Woo red lip with some eye-drama. Allana used all of the products you can see in the above photo that I took after I was done.

Blog, Calgary, Style, Beauty, Makeup, Heels, Sam Edelman, Schmancy

Before and After. As much as I love my face bare, it’s so incredible to see the way makeup can enhance what you naturally have.


I said I was going to tell you how to save some money, so here you go! When I asked about making the appointment at the freestanding MAC store in Chinook ( demand!) I was told that price had gone up and that the price no longer goes towards your purchase but that it is still only $55 at MAC at Hudson’s Bay and that the cost still goes towards product. I’m not sure if that made sense? Basically before at MAC the cost of having your makeup done was free* as long as you spent the cost of the appointment on products (* because some might argue that you are still paying but not according to me!). This policy has ended but is still being offered AT A LOWER COST at non-freestanding MAC stores. So my makeup cost $65 but I came home with my makeup done and products that I purchased: a foundation, a beauty powder (aka blush) and the false eyelashes I wore that night.

Blog, Calgary, Style, Beauty, Makeup, Heels, Sam Edelman, Schmancy

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look.

So now that the beauty portion is out of the way, here are the deets on what I wore!

I have wanted a pair of red heels for a REALLY long time but have never found the right combination of factors – price, heel height and style. That changed when I spotted these Sam Edelman bad boys on sale at Hudson’s Bay (which are now sold out). Red is my favourite colour and I should try to incorporate it more into my daily wardrobe because it makes me so happy. Wait! I can. I can wear a red lip every day. We all can!

Blog, Calgary, Style, Beauty, Makeup, Heels, Sam Edelman, Schmancy

My pretty new red shoes.

I paired them with a simple BCBG dress that I can’t find on their website or online which makes sense because it’s not a new item (I spent a little too much time looking so I could link it here but alas, it was not meant to be…) and a gold J.Crew clutch that I bought last July for the wedding we went to in London, England and my statement Kate Spade earrings that I wore on my wedding day!

Blog, Calgary, Style, Beauty, Makeup, Heels, Sam Edelman, Schmancy

BCBG Dress hanging up in my office/closet before I put it on.


Blog, Calgary, Style, Beauty, Makeup, Heels, Sam Edelman, Schmancy

My thought on accessories is this: Keep It Simple.

The only downside to the evening? The shoes hurt a lot. Like so much that I took them off at multiple points and walked in my nylons. My toes weren’t so happy in their tight but pretty homes for the evening which is understandable and not something new to me or any woman that has grimaced through a night in gorgeous torture traps. My feet have recovered but they will be reunited at some point with their red pointy toe nemesis in the future.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I wore AND learning how to save some money at MAC! Let me know what you think about my outfit and anything else in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram!

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