Would you spend $222,219 on a Bag? Someone Did!

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The most expensive handbag ever sold. Photograph: Christie’s.

The most expensive handbag that I ever bought was the Michael Kors Hamilton bag (mine is tan). It was a big purchase for me and I have never regretted it but I did spend some serious time thinking about how much money I was spending. So when I read a story this morning about a 2014 fuchsia diamond-encrusted crocodile skin Birkin bag selling for 1.72 million Hong Kong dollars or a paltry $222,219 Canadian dollars my mouth was just more than a little agape.

That’s right.

Someone bought a bag for $222,219. For a handbag.

What’s the big deal about the Birkin bag? It’s a famous and much lusted after Hermès bag designed for and named after the former actress/model Jane Birkin in the 80’s. Birkin bags are already expensive and out of reach to the majority of the population. A ‘normal’ Birkin retails for about $12,000 and they can go up from there. It’s a status symbol bag.

Think you’ve seen one of your friends sporting a Birkin-like bag? Chances are it’s a knockoff. You are more likely to see a knockoff version, of which there are many around rather than the real thing. Unsure? Check out this page to find out how you can tell a real Birkin from a fake.

The bag that sold today in Hong Kong was one of 300 being auctioned off by Christie’s and was sold to an unnamed phone buyer.

If you are in the market for an uber expensive handbag and have a spare $200,000, perhaps you can set the next record!

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